What should I know about job interviews?

CAMEO Tips by Susan K. Maciak, lead consultant
http://www.cameocareer.com Email: cameocareer@comcast.net

•To make the most of every job interview you get, follow a few simple rules:
•Dress for success . . . Dark colors make you look more professional. Only shirts should be white or light.
•Arrive on time . . . even it means Mapquest, Tom Tom or traveling the exact route ahead of time.
•Smile . . . and extend your hand to shake with interview team members . . . while keeping eye contact.
•Wait . . . for your interviewers to offer you a seat, make comments or ask questions
•KISS . . . Keep It Short and Simple. No more than two-or-three-sentence answers per question.
•Avoid . . . trying to fill voids. Don’t try to fill in slack with chatter during lulls in the interview.
•Bring . . . several good questions to ask about the job and/or company (not about salary or benefits).
•Be sure . . . to thank the interview team for taking their time with you.
•Follow . . . each interview with a Thank You email and/or hand-written note. You can do both.

And, of course, follow the Boy Scout motto for every interview: BE PREPARED.
Before every interview practice answering sample questions like these:


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