Five Traits of Great Job Candidates


 By Susan K. Maciak, Lead Consultant –

PIC.13.small group meeting
What do employers want?

What do employers look for today in job candidates?


First impressions in any interview are based on enthusiasm, energy, appearance and interpersonal skills. Anyone who shows above average interest, dresses professionally and shakes hands with confidence and good eye contact jumps Hurdle #1.   


But once the questioning begins, great job candidates need to reflect these five traits in their answers:

  1. Attitude: Good will toward work and co-workers
  2. Initiative: Taking responsibility for starting projects, solving problems, etc.
  3. Productivity: Ability to get things done
  4. Ownership: Personally motivated to achieve company mission and goals
  5. Adaptability: Willingness to learn new things, make changes when necessary


For more insights on habits that lead to career success in today’s job market, see Maciak’s new book Add to Your Edge: 12 Ways to Excel in the 21st Century. It’s available in paperback and eBook now at and other online booksellers.


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