What makes a job candidate the right one?


PIC.13.hire me


Some traits, such as good attitude and excellent work ethic, fit perfectly for any job at any company. Beyond those characteristics, though, the ideal job candidate needs to offer more.


Candidate A may feel right at home the minute he/she walks in for an interview, exuding confidence and exceptional interpersonal skills.


Candidate B appears to fit as perfectly as the furniture and carpet in the board room. He/she dresses, grooms and behaves exactly as expected by this firm.


Candidate C seems so perfect for ABC Company that he/she even looks like the president!


But image, or first impressions, is not enough. A couple of key questions will separate the best of these job candidates from the other two

  1. Do their personal career goals coincide with the company’s mission and goals?
  2. Does each candidate have all the skills needed for this type of work?
  3. Has their experience prepared them adequately for the job at hand?


Many staff members have been disappointed after hiring someone who seemed like a perfect match – on the surface – but wasn’t asked the right questions in the interview.


For hiring assistance and other help with human resources, Email Susan Maciak, CAMEO Consulting: ask@cameo100.com  


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