CAMEO eLessons save time, money

GRAPHIC.13.find a way   You know how important good customer service can be . . . but you don’t have the time or money to train your people the right way. That’s why eLessons, a new concept in staff training by CAMEO Consulting, could be valuable to you.

You can select from more than 35 standard training topics — or request whatever subject you need. CAMEO consultants will provide short lessons via email twice weekly. That’s a total of 12 lessons on anything from customer service to creative thinking or communication and many more cutting-edge topics.

Assignments can be completed during an employee’s down time. Without ever leaving your office, shop or store, your people receive professional training. We’ll email each of them regular assignments to complete and return to CAMEO consultants for feedback and reinforcement.

Costs are minimal, compared to expensive training seminars. CAMEO’s eLessons take only a fraction of the time required to send a staff member off to be trained away from the workplace. For a complete list of CAMEO training topics, please email us at We’ll email you a list or topics . . . or a complete brochure if you leave your name and address.



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