Get a grip on anger in the workplace

When a customer, client or colleague becomes really angry . . .

GETAGRIP avoid an explosion by  taking these steps before trying to reason with them:

    • Stand next to them (not across from them)
    • Allow for anger reduction time (12-20 minutes to complete adrenaline rush)
    • Don’t argue with them (Just listen at first)
    • Acknowledge their feelings (I understand how you feel)
    • Use “I” statements (I see that you’re upset, I want to help)

As their anger subdues:

    • Get them alone, if possible (Let’s go somewhere quiet and talk about this)
    • Listen to their side of the story (Tell me what happened here)
    • Use humor (That’s an understatement!)
    • Say it like it is (But you could get suspended if you can’t calm down)
    • Disarm; don’t attack (How would you change things to feel better?)

Help them save face:

    • Assure them that they’re still likeable (We all have our bad moments, so everyone understands anger)
    • Take a minute to talk about the angry person’s good points – (Let’s take a look at what you have going for you)



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