There’s much to gain in performance reviews

PIC.14.performance review Try win-win work evaluations

If sleepless nights  precede annual performance reviews in your office, or panic attacks hit on the way to work . . .  relax. You can turn these dreaded evaluations into golden opportunities.

Both managers and the people they manage fear the assessment process,  because they view them as witch hunts.  Performance evaluations are often used only to point out an employee’s shortcomings.

When done for everyone’s benefit, these 1-2-1 showdowns can strengthen work relations, convey company expectations and open communications. Supervisors should take advantage of this annual event to:

  1. Talk about the big picture: company goals, objectives and strategies
  2. Find out about issues that keep employees from peak performance
  3. Open dialogue, reaffirm employment and provide positive reinforcement

Employees, on the other hand, can use this valuable face-time with their supervisor to:

  1. Talk about their accomplishments during the past year
  2. Ask for the help they need to do even better by next year’s evaluation time
  3. Express their interest in possible raises or promotions, or other positive changes

Make the most of annual performance reviews . These once-dreaded events are likely to become golden opportunities to work better together, reduce tension and accomplish more.

For more ideas on better employee relations at your work site , contact Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO lead consultant, at or visit our web site:


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