Change strategies to win new business game

PIC.14.Add to Your EdgeWhat does it take to excel in the 21st century?     With our recent, gigantic leap from an industrial era to an Age of Information and Technology, the old, familiar road to success seems to have crumbled beneath us. Business owners — and job-seekers who want to work for them — now need new strategies to stay competitive.

In the past, everything thing seemed simple. Mom and pop opened a shop on Main Street and made a pretty good living. It didn’t matter much if they sold food, shoes or newspapers. Customers walked in the door and kept them in business. Today, merely providing a product or service is not enough. It takes more to survive, much more to thrive, in any industry.

Both business owners and their employees must be creative and innovative to compete in the 21st century. 

To succeed today, entire companies must think creatively and be innovative, Every business not only needs to continually improve products and services, but also must develop new strategies to compete in a world of constant change and crushing competition.

“You’ve got to innovate. You’ve got to add value,” Says Tom Walsh, the Detroit Free Press. As most business owners already know, placing product display ads in local newspapers no longer brings in enough customers to pay the rent.

Advertising and marketing have been turned upside down. Most traditional methods are outmoded in today’s world and simply don’t work. So what can you do to stay in business? Revisit your principles and practices, and re-evaluate everything you thought you knew.

To find out more about innovating, adding value, and using creative strategies for business success, read Add to Your Edge: 12 Ways to Excel in the 21st Century. Available in paperback and eBook at, For bulk orders to use in changing your company culture, see



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