Creative minds: 21st century assets

It pCreativityays to be creative.

Creative people are no longer looked on as oddballs of society, but continue to be the driving force behind business success.

The record-high value of stock in companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon reflect the role of innovative thinking in the 21st century marketplace.

The rapid pace of change, along with amazing advances in technology, show further proof that creative minds rule the world today. Wouldn’t you want to be on the cutting edge of your industry?

If you’ve never thought ‘outside the box,’ are you doomed to mediocrity? Heavens, no! Creativity can be taught. It can be learned and people can be prodded to produce fresh, new ideas. Families and schools can produce original thinkers and companies can cultivate them by encouraging:

  • Curiosity
  • Mistake-making
  • Collaboration
  • Experimentation
  • Risk-taking

Unfortunately, In some homes, schools and offices, creativity is still dangerous. Innovators are seen as mavericks, or at the very least trouble-makers. However, smart company leaders know that employees who are willing to take chances, promote exploration and do things differently can be their best assets in today’s business world.

If your company would like to develop a staff of creative thinkers with innovative ideas and ability to adapt to new situations and new conditions, see  for more details or contact us at


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