Raise your hand: Volunteering is good business

Does your company give you time off . . .

for comFeatured imagemunity service? Or has your employer at least encouraged you to get involved in a local cause? If so, we want to know.

Most companies realize that volunteering is good for business. Providing volunteers at places that need them is a smart strategy for any organization. It’s a win-win situation.

Volunteering builds community relations and good will. It provides extra resources for groups that need help. Your company’s contribution should be recognized, and you can make it happen! We’d like to feature your company in an upcoming JOB TALK blog post. To nominate your employer please email CAMEO Consulting: ask@cameo100.com with the following details:

Your Name/ Job Title__________________________________/_______________________

Your Email Address___________________________________Phone____________________________

Your Company Name / Location_____________________________________/_______________________________


Your Volunteer Site____________________________________________________________

Describe briefly what you do as a volunteer:

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you!

JOB TALK is published by CAMEO Consulting: Coaching People for Better Careers & Better Companies. Visit our website: www.cameo100.com To request permission to reprint JOB TALK articles, contact blog writer Susan K. Maciak at ask@cameo100.com

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