New course covers co-worker and customer relations

Problems at work? Hard-to-please people? Frenzy                    What can you do to make everyone part of the team?

You can train yourself or your staff to use better people skills with CAMEO’s new online and onsite course:  Communicate Better for Business.

This training program fine-tunes verbal and nonverbal communication between people who work together or do business together. Learn basic communication principles, such as:

  • What to Say – And What Not to Say

Learn to avoid tricky topics that only lead to trouble.                                     Find out how to keep conversation upbeat, friendly and appropriate.

  • Turn Negatives to Positives

Win over negative people, re-do relationships that have gone wrong  and repair negative impressions that hurt business.

  • Relate better to customers with big ‘Small Talk’

Learn to approach people in ways that create bonds, not enemies.        Understand the value of “small talk” in the business world.

  • Apply simple public relations principles

Use tried-and-true PR strategies to communicate that you care about co-workers, customers and your community.

 CAMEO offers  over 45 training programs in four formats: Workplace Workshops, Workplace Roundtables for Small Groups, eLessons (via Email) and Do-it-Yourself PowerPoint rentals. Email us at for more details.



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