Get more mileage from a blog

cameo LOGO 15 small12 Ways to use your company blog post to build business

Your company launched a brand new blog, and now it’s time to recruit followers. So you post your new blog on your site, and wait . . .

Conventional wisdom says that you shouldn’t stop at just one post, or your number of readers will remain small.  In the first six months, it’s wise to post new articles often.

Studies show that you pick up the most followers if you start off posting every 7 – 10 days. After six months, you can slow down to two or three new entries per month – or post more often if your blog has become a big hit!

In the meantime, there’s much more you can do with your blog to promote your business. Print out copies on good quality paper and mail each new blog to your current customers as a newsletter. You can also put paper copies:

  • In sales packets
  • In new client folders
  • On the counter or coffee tables in your office
  • In coffee shops where local businesses can leave fliers

Try sending your printed blog posts to:

  • Local media as a news release
  • Your A-list of potential clients or customers
  • Regional households via a bulk mailing to residents in your area
  • All your business associates and business groups

Or use them:

  • As starters at staff meetings
  • For mailers to current customers
  • In Welcome Wagon bags
  • Or as handouts at Chamber of Commerce meetings

These versatile promotional pieces will serve you well beyond the internet. Using them in other ways adds to your online followers, while making your company name a household word.

Blogging Tips provided by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Consulting:  Blog writing provided by CAMEO consultants. We research and write on any topic you need.


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