Wanted: People Skills

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What are people skills, anyway? That’s a question often asked of job-seekers at employment interviews. Most folks can’t name more than two or three. That’s why Susan K. Maciak researched and wrote the book: What Are People Skills, Anyway? (available at amazon.com)

Maciak heads CAMEO Consulting (www.cameo100.com). CAMEO consultants lead people to better careers and better companies. Business services include communications, corporate training, and career coaching.

“People skills,” explains Maciak, “are habits, attitudes and actions that add up to getting along well with others.” She warns business owners and HR managers: “No matter how talented a new hire may be, without good interpersonal skills, that employee can wreak havoc on a business or organization.”

Maciak notes that there are hundreds of interpersonal skills (people skills) that make life better for everyone at home, at work and in the community. Five taken-for-granted people skills that are not necessarily part of human nature, include:

  • Smiling at others
  • Making eye contact
  • Positive listening
  • Lending a helping hand
  • Empathy and sympathy

There are hundreds of other interpersonal skills that make employees good team members and turn work supervisors into good leaders. Good manners, cooperative spirit, honesty, integrity and trust are just a few more covered in Maciak’s book.  The list of these easy-to-acquire traits is endless.

To find out which people skills you have and which you need to improve on or build from the ground up, order a copy of What Are People Skills, Anyway? from amazon.com

To offer a workshop at your site or online training on interpersonal skills  – email ask@cameo100.com for details.


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