Business bashed online?

brochureWhen a customer with a complaint posts it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, where do you run and hide?  Nowhere! You tackle the problem head on.

Of course, it’s embarrassing to be berated in cyberspace, but it’s also a great opportunity for customer service. Going online to apologize and make retribution can turn into good publicity for any organization.

If your company is criticized online, address the complaint immediately in the comment space — and explain your remedy for the problem.

If your company is bashed online, address the complaint head on and explain how you will solve the problem.                                               

Your apology is an act of courage that will help calm a dissatisfied customer – and show others that you care.  There will always be unsatisfied customers, no matter how hard you try to please them. Making amends online can be a good way to show the public that you go out of your way to make customers happy.

The notion that you shouldn’t respond to negative criticism is old school. Addressing a complaint in public helps build trust. If you handle online complaints with grace and good nature, you can turn a negative into a positive in real time.

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