Relationships Matter


Customers are like partners

“Your business is only as good as your worst employee,” says Ken Wasco, former human resource manager at Grand Rapids (MI) -based corporation, Gordon Food  Service. Wasco now travels the world talking about people – and how they make or break the company that employs them.

A company’s most marketable feature is the relationships its people have with customers. That’s what Wasco told business leaders recently at a Hudsonville Chamber of Commerce meeting. He stressed that company-customer relations matter more than anything else in doing business.

How your staff treats people keeps customers coming back, or keeps them away.    If a counter clerk is too busy to look up from her phone to wait on someone, the person who’s snubbed will shop elsewhere. That’s human nature!

It doesn’t matter what an employee’s name badge says. Everyone from the night custodian to the day shift manager makes an impression on visitors, starting in the first seven seconds. While some staff people evoke an immediate good impression with an easy smile and pleasant demeanor; others turn customers off with their scowls, frowns or failure to acknowledge someone’s presence.

Business owners who want to help their employees learn how to treat the public     right can tap into a series of four customer service workshops offered by CAMEO Consulting. ( These workshops can be presented at your site in two-hour workshops or completed online by individual employees. The following customer service training programs can turn any employee into a great ambassador:

  • Customer Service Secrets.It doesn’t matter if you sell hamburgers, stocks and bonds or BMWs, your staff will do better once they know these six customer service secrets. In any kind of business, good customer service tops the list of your company’s most marketable features:
  • Winning Relationships Create Champion Teams. Good relationships among co-workers and customers can be the key to your success. Help your people develop positive attitudes and practice good internal / external public relations. Result: improved customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate Wisely at Work. Fine-tune verbal and nonverbal communication between your staff and your customers. Learn how language choice affects other people. Find out how powerful body language can be. Know what to say – and what not to say – to stay in business.
  • Create a Customer Service Climate.If you want to reign over your competition, make customer service king. Learn corporate strategies that will keep your staff ‘on their toes’ and customers coming back. Train your employees to take the lead in creating a customer service climate.

For further details on CAMEO’s customer service training, Email us at

Let’s Talk is penned and published by Susan K. Maciak, principal member and lead consultant for CAMEO Consulting LLC. Call on CAMEO for Communications Services, Corporate Training and Career Coaching. Contact her at   Visit our website at





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