Got Goals? Get Going!

saying-best-to-comeBefore you pop open your first bottle of champagne tonight, make sure you’ve set a few goals for 2017.

Skip the usual – lose weight, spend less and save more money, etc.

Set your sights on three or four new and exciting things you hope to accomplish during the next year.

Believe that the best is yet to come!

What’s still on your bucket list? Have you written that book? Started a business? Traveled to Africa?  Think big! Here are a few tips for goal-setting of any size:

1.       Limit your goals a reasonable number – no more than six.

2.      Set only goals that are actually achievable if you know you can’t really write a book or you’re not interested in starting a business, find a few other lofty goals that are possible for you or your business to achieve.

3.     Add a target date to reach each goal you set – be specific –  month, day, year.

4. Write down steps you will take – to reach your goal by your target date.


Goal 1: Take an ocean cruise by (target date) December 31, 2018.                                Steps to take to reach this goal:

  • Check cruise types, dates, destinations, prices and availability.
  • Match open cruises to dates that will be open for you.
  • Put a deposit on your choice of cruises to hold your place
  • Divide the cruise cost by the number of months you have to save for it.
  • Save x-number of dollars each month toward your cruise
  • Pack your bags with tropical clothing and accessories.
  • Finish paying for your ticket and wave good-bye!

Almost every goal can be reached with a little planning. Once you put your goals in writing and add steps to reach them, you’re on your way!

Susan K. Maciak
Let’s Talk is provided by blog writer Susan K. Maciak, principal member / lead consultant, CAMEO Consulting LLC: Communications | Corporate Training | Career Consulting.




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