Online sales grow


Morcomputere stores closed. More mall space boarded up. Record online shopping orders. Online sales make headlines annually as more customers let their keyboards do the walking to shop online. What does that mean for local businesses? Can they compete?

Small business owners, now providing about 80 percent of all jobs, shiver with the news. Will they, too, have to close their doors some day? Probably not.

There’s a powerful reason that many people will still buy from local stores. It’s good customer service. Face-to-face assistance will help keep storefront doors open. The personal touch will never be outdated.

Store and office staff who can help buyers understand today’s complicated products and services are assets to any company. Employees who care about customers will never go out of style. Excellent customer service gives a business an edge – the only hedge it has against online competition. Every company needs people who can:

  • Answer technical questions
  • Pass on information, tips and advice
  • Explain how products and services work
  • Help fix problems or make adjustments

Sophisticated online merchants use chat rooms to help customers, too, but there’s nothing like a friendly face and a helpful hand to keep customers coming back!

Train your staff to give good service!                                                                                           If your business is too small to hire professional trainers, try CAMEO’s Do-it-Yourself PowerPoint self-training. For low introductory prices, you can purchase CAMEO’s totraining-learningp-notch customer service programs now.

Lead a group or let staff train themselves on computers installed with PowerPoint software. Try one CAMEO training program or save 10% on our series of four. CAMEO’s 2017 series includes these four eye-opening topics:

1. Customer Service Secrets™                                                                                                   2. Handling Customer Complaints Correctly™                                                                   3. Winning Relationships™                                                                                                     4.Communicate Wisely at Work™

To find out how your company can benefit from CAMEO’s Do-It-Yourself Training, contact us at for details.

Let’s Talk Business! Blog article by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Consulting LLC. For permission to reprint:  http://www.cameo100.comSusan K. Maciak


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