Know how to handle customer complaints

customer-service-handling-complaintsCustomers can order anything online, anytime, anywhere. They buy locally now for added-value only.

Great customer service brings shoppers into local stores. 

Resolving problems to the customer’s satisfaction is crucial to staying in business today. The thought of repacking to return something that doesn’t work, doesn’t fit or isn’t right often keeps keyboard shoppers from clicking Order Now. 

Local companies that stress customer satisfaction compete more successfully with online sales. Today’s customers are attracted to businesses that offer services, such as:

  • Ease of exchange
  • Complaints resolved
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

To make these claims ring true, every staff member needs training in the art of satisfying customer complaints smoothly. For details on onsite training sessions or Do-It-Yourself PowerPoint training programs in Handling Customer Complaints, contact Susan K. Maciak at

Susan K. MaciakLet’s Talk Business! Blog article by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Consulting LLC. For permission to reprint:  |


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