Bolster resumes for bigger, better jobs

CLIMBWith the economy on the upswing, this could be the right time for you to change jobs and move up the career ladder.

First step: upgrade your resume.  You can’t climb any higher with the resume you used to get where you currently are.

Too many wannabes think of their resume as permanent – or one size fits all. Not true. Each step up the career ladder requires resume revision. It’s not enough to add your current employer and dates of service to the top of the page.

Skills and experience that led to your current position will not open doors to new challenges. You need to ask yourself questions like these:

  • How have I grown in this job?
  • What new skills have I learned?
  • Which new responsibilities have I accepted?
  • What have I accomplished that puts me on a new plateau?

If you can clearly illustrate that you’re ready for the next level, you’re a good candidate for a promotion. Whether you’re looking for new opportunities in your current company, or in an outside organization, you need to prove your readiness in your newly revised resume.

For help in communicating your employment value to future employers, contact CAMEO Consulting at for cost estimates on career development services that range from re-doing your resume to a 90-Day Career Coaching Package.


Susan K. Maciak
Let’s Talk Business! is provided by blog writer Susan K. Maciak, principal member, CAMEO Consulting LLC. CAMEO provides: Communications | Corporate Training | Career Consulting.
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