Pick the perfect logo

Your logo is the quickest way to communicate what’s most important in your business or organization. It should reflect your mission and convey PIC.14.logo #2a message everywhere it goes.

Selecting a meaningful logo is the first step in branding — and in making your brand stand out from all the others. Your logo speaks for you. If you pick the perfect logo, you are likely to put your product or service in the minds of people who see it.

Take a look at Nike’s swoosh. It’s recognized immediately around the worboomerangld. People everywhere take note. It speaks eve when it appears without words. What does it say?

The iconic boomerang shouts Action! Fitness! Finesse!

It says Excelling! Energetic! Exciting!  It’s the perfect symbol for everything athletes admire, and it speaks in every language. People on all continents want to wear it. Nike’s logo represents the winner everyone wants to be. Its fluid motion pushes competitors further, longer, higher.

No matter how simple its design, a logo should carry a strong message. The symbol you select should suggest the best qualities of your organization, your products and services. Your logo doesn’t have to be complex or cost a fortune, but it must mean something.

heartsYou can’t slap any old picture next to your company name. Whether you hire a designer or rely on public domain, look at any image long and hard to determine what it will communicate to potential clients or customers.

Your organization can be the most loving, caring social service agency, so you want to show compassion. A heart made of tiny, colorful hearts, though, may be too full of youthful drama. You don’t want your logo to look like something Helping Hands Treea 13-year-old girl doodled on her notebook. Besides being too cute to be serious, it makes your firm look young, immature and inexperienced, not notions that build public confidence.

Consider carefully all the possible messages your logo could send, both positive and negative. Don’t pick an image just because you like it.  A great logo relates to a company’s purpose in some way. A tree is just a tree unless it carries a message.

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