Susan K. Maciak

Test Your Job Satisfaction


What’s your JSQ? Know your Job Satisfaction Quotient (JSQ)

Take this quiz to find out how satisfied you are with your current job. If you answer NO to two (2) or more of the questions below, you may want to consider making  a career move:

  1. __ Yes __ No . . . Do you have days when you cannot wait to get to work?
  2. __ Yes __ No . . . Does time seem to fly by while you are at work?
  3. __Yes __ No . . . Does your job fit in well with your lifestyle?
  4. __ Yes __ No . . . Do you enjoy yourself while at work?
  5. __ Yes __ No . . . Would your best friend like doing the kind of work you do?
  6. __ Yes __ No . . . Does your job make you feel good about yourself?
  7. __ Yes __ No . . . Are you able to use and improve your unique skills on the job?
  8. __ Yes __ No . . . Are you offered chances to learn new skills for advancement?
  9. __­ Yes __ No . . . Do your superiors and customers appreciate the work you do?
  10. __ Yes __ No . . . Do you feel like an important part of your team of co-workers?

If you cannot answer YES to most or all of these questions, you may want to try CAMEO’s online Career Assessment to identify some better job options. Use PROMO CODE: skm-20 for 20 percent discount through August 31, 2017.

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