Added value for students Get school year off to great start!

Teachers, counselors and school principals may be on vacation, but by the end of July their minds are drifting back to the classroom. “What can I do to make a difference for my students this year?” they wonder. Or . . . “How can I keep their attention?” Some even question: “What do my students expect from me?”

Most young people — and their parents — expect that they’ll be able to get a job once they are out of high school or college. Despite current low unemployment rates, some of them still struggle with that first step after graduation. Why? They don’t understand what it takes to get hired today.

School budgets are no longer big enough to support school-to-work programs, or career education. Increasing numbers of mandatory classes leave little time for anything else in the curriculum. The only way left to teach employability skills is to combine those lessons with other subjects, or keep school libraries stocked with job-seeking books. That’s why middle, high school or college staff members might want to take a look at two books by career coach Susan K. Maciak that fill the bill:

JOB SHOPPING . . . a do-it-yourself workbook that walks users through the entire job-seeking process. From looking for jobs that suit their skills to interviewing and following up later, JOB SHOPPING, provides students with valuable tips and tested strategies for getting a job. It makes the process easy with samples of resumes, cover letters, reference lists, etc., along with formats students follow to create their own.

First Job Jitters . . . a fictional story of a new graduate going through her first job hunt. While looking for her very first ‘real job,’ she takes readers through the Ps & Qs of a successful job search, like filling out applications correctly or asking the right questions at an interview. During the process of landing a job, she stumbles on clues to a crime and helps solve a mystery. Students learn the facts and enjoy the fiction!

These books sell for $15 to $22 on sites like, but Educators can take advantage of a summer special, available now through August 31, 2017.

Educators who order 20 or more copies of JOB SHOPPING and/or First Job Jitters for their classroom, library, study hall or school club, pay only $10 each plus postage. We’ll invoice your district.

Email the name/number of books you want to order directly to the author at Include your name, school, school address and phone# – and a P.O.# if required by your school district.

To find out more about CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC, visit us at or contact us at



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