How well do you cope? Here’s help

If you or someone you know ever suffered a setback, you’ll relate to a new book, co-authored by Susan K. Maciak and Will Ellermets.

ON THE REBOUND, inspired by a true story, provides hints on coping with loss.  Readers follow a young man’s painful, but sometimes amusing, break-up with a girlfriend. His agonizing ordeal helps him find his purpose in life.

ON THE REBOUND encourages people to hold onto hope, no matter how hopeless things may seem. It’s especially poignant for young adults making their way in the world today.

“This book puts losses in perspective, provides answers, and proves to readers that they, too, can rebound from life’s set-backs,” says Maciak. 

 “Our book can be funny,” adds Ellermets, “but it’s also a great tool to help people handle life’s disappointments in positive ways.”

ON THE REBOUND is a joint project of CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC and Battle of the Gains LLC. Both businesses strive to make differences in people’s lives.

Books and eBooks are available now at, the Apple store and other online booksellers worldwide. Copies will soon be sold at various West Michigan locations and venues in other parts of the country.

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