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Susan K. Maciak “We have a new service — and a new blog name,” announces Susan K. Maciak, principal member of CAMEO Consulting. CAMEO added PR/Communications services to its menu – after more than a year of providing promotional writing for a dozen or more West Michigan businesses.

CAMEO will continue offering corporate training programs and career coaching services, but found a new niche in blog writing, web content creation and other promotional writing, such as ad copy, news releases and newsletters.

To reflect CAMEO’s broader focus, our business blog has been renamed Let’s Talk. It will continue to cover corporate training and career development, along with new topics featuring public relations and communications issues.

Maciak, who founded CAMEO Consulting in 2007, brings state and national communication experience to CAMEO’s new service. As assistant director of PR/Communications for the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB), she provided educational information for officials across the state and nationwide.

Maciak also worked with Michigan State University’s Train-the-Trainer program to develop and present community relations and communication presentations. That project, with regular updating, still keeps school board members abreast of issues in education.

With a diverse network of writers and researchers, CAMEO can offer PR / Communications services on almost any topics. To hire a consultant to write your blog articles, newsletters and other promotional material, please contact Maciak at or




Need help surviving global competition?

GRAPHIC.13.job security

If earning a living seems more daunting these days, you’ll find a few coping clues in Add to  Your Edge: 12 Ways to Excel in the 21st Century.  This recently released book guides readers through  a dozen changes in direction that have turned the working world upside down.


Whether you own a small business, or you’re president or CEO of a large corporation, seasoned employee or recent graduate, you’ll find out how the game has changed. This book covers new rules for everything from career advancement to customer service. It helps readers climb today’s unsteady career ladder, control inevitable crises and cope with intense 21st century competition.


Add to Your Edge could be your playbook on how to survive . . . even thrive . . .  in the global marketplace. This book tells you how to take advantage of current trends rather than letting them cripple you. Even its page of contents gives you a glimpse at what you need to do to keep pace with change, including:


Chapter 1. Re-Train Your Brain                                                                                 Chapter 4. Crack into your Creativity                                                                     Chapter 7. Control Crises and Conundrums                                                 Chapter 12. Re-Imagine the Road to Success


Add to Your Edge is now available in paperback and eBook on and other online booksellers. It can also be ordered at your local bookstores, along with Maciak’s four previous books: What Are People Skills, Anyway?, First Job Jitters, Job Shopping and The Monster Show.




Want to climb the career ladder?

10 Ways to Climb the Career Ladder

by Susan K. Maciak |

1)Develop new Talents and/or Technical Skills

2)  Hone Your Communication Skills

3)  Learn Leadership Skills

4)  Practice Organizational Skills

5)  Take Stock and Recognize Your Own Skills and Abilities

6)  Develop a Top-notch Resume to Sell Yourself

7)  Set Short-term and Long-term Goals

8)  Seek Out Many Possible Opportunities

9)  Look for Best Possible Experiences (Work, Intern, Volunteer)

10) Once Hired or Promoted: Always Do More Than Required!

For help in building skills for success, go to

Give grads a gift that counts!

PIC.13.gimp JOB SHOPPING graphic  PIC.13.gimp JOB SHOPPING graphicOn sale  . . . great graduation gift!

Help new grads launch their careers with JOB SHOPPING, a step-by-step workbook to help them land a job they’ll love. Book includes self-assessments to steer readers in the right direction and self-marketing samples to get their foot in the employment door.

Now just $10 each, plus $2.50 each for postage.

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Stuck on your Career Step? We’re seeking your story

If you want to take another step on the career ladder, but seemed to be stalled — submit your story (50 words or fewer) to CAMEO CAREER TIPS. Email details to blogger Susan K. Maciak at

View your story in April on our blog  CAMEO CAREER TIPS at We won’t print your name — unless you request that we do so.

Is your smart phone making you look dumb?

If you’re caught catching up on your email at a meeting or sending text messages at a seminar, you may be making a stupid mistake.

Worse yet, if you’re reading replies on your smart phone at lunch, dinner or another social event — you could be losing some friends.

Lack of attention to those around can be costly. 

Preoccupation via your wireless device while meeting with business associates can be deadly. Yet too many people today don’t have a clue how rude it is.

Fiddling with phones in the presence of others is just one of many pitfalls keeping people from reaching their career potential and personal goals.

Learn more about 21st century courtesies that count. Go to to order “What Are People Skills, Anyway?” a new guide to building better relationships