Drowning in Job-loss Woes?

Don't drown in job-loss sorrows. Regroup and move on with a CAMEO career analysis via www.cameocareer.com

Don’t drown in job-loss sorrows. Regroup and move on. Find another job that capitalizes on your skills, abilities, talents and experience. Go through  a CAMEO career analysis and get started on a new job search. Go to www.cameocareer.com  Our consultants will analyze your career potential and suggest 20 or more job titles you should consider.


Training builds better companies


How do employees know what to do unless someone tells them? Too often, an eager young worker starts a job — and is never trained to do it. After a few months, the manager wonders why he is not catching on. The employee is frustrated, the manager is concerned and the company is losing business.

CAMEO Consulting offers more than 30 Do-It-Yourself Powerpoint programs in topics ranging from customer service to communications and creative thinking for the staff of any business or agency. Fall prices are just $29 each.

To order and download your self-training or staff training programs, go to www.cameocareer.com and click on Training Programs for details.

Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. Don’t Expect a Promotion.

 Stop assuming and speak up if you’d like to be promoted in your company. Confide in a few people above you on the career ladder. Tell them what you’d like your next job title to be. 

If you’ve worked hard and have a good attitude, they will more than likely want to help you advance in your company. If you’ve been a complainer, critic or slacker, though, you’ll have to change your behavior. People who move up the corporate ladder are usually the hard workers with positive attitudes who want the next position badly enough to ask for help in getting there.


Job market turns corner

After almost four straight years working with clients desperately seeking work of any kind, a corner is turned in the job market. According to consultants at CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC more clients are again seeking better jobs, promotions, raises and career changes. This is good news for anyone still unemployed. More jobs will open as employees start climbing up the ladder again instead of just hanging onto their current jobs for dear life. 

Ask a consultant

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